Dry Air Systems has been serving residential homeowners and commercial, institutional and industrial clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire area since 1989. Each home or business is unique and deals with a comfort issue from room to room. One room may be hotter than the others, so you lower the thermostat to bring more cooling into that room. Consequently, your utility bills goes up because your traditional heating and cooling system has to send air to the whole house to achieve comfort in one room.

Ductless split systems solve that problem. Whether you are trying to renovate your home or add additional space, a ductless split air conditioner or heat pump system adds cooling and heating to a specific room.  The space saving indoor unit mounts high on a wall and is whisper quiet to operate. In addition, they provide allergen filtration to keep the air clean. The outdoor unit is a compact compressor that fits in a variety of spaces. And the best part is you can add multiple units to an outdoor compressor to really zone your house and only use the energy each room needs.

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Dry Air Systems is your expert at designing and installing a ductless split system for your home or business. Our experts can look at your project and recommend the properly sized AC or heat pump option. We can even zone this system as well. We can help you with the following:

  • Ductless Split Air Conditioner Installations
  • Ductless Split Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Ductless Split Heat Pump Installations
  • Ductless Split Heat Pump Repairs

These mini-split systems can be more energy efficient than a traditional heating and cooling system, and they only use the exact energy needed to maintain comfort for each room. They use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A and are Energy Star rated. We can design a system for new installation, or can repair all makes and models of existing ductless split heating and cooling systems.

Call Dry Air today, and one of our specialists will be happy to meet with you regarding a ductless split air conditioner or heat pump.  We serve all of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. This type of system can be designed for any project: room additions, homes without traditional ductwork, office buildings, and commercial projects.

We have a stake in how our business does and the reputation we create in the community. That’s why we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We want to be known as the heating and cooling company you can depend on.

Please click here to contact us for a free quote and thank you for choosing Dry Air Systems.